Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9


I spent much of today getting organized. I should have taken a photo of Charlotte helping me yesterday color sort my fabrics. I know she loved working on that with me and she kept saying "Is this a scrap?" and I would say "Yes, you can have it." She had a nice little pile of fabric to take home and work with. Of course, I would give just about any of my fabric to my granddaughters if they express interest in sewing! I have worked with Annika on my sewing machine, but she doesn't have access to a machine at home. That needs to change! In time I'm sure it will. Shauna has my mom's New Home sewing machine which will be a treat for her girls to use when the time is right. The little ones are interested in sewing with a needle and thread so that is what I worked on last week when they were here. It is so cute to have them realize that they can SEW!

I moved much of my paper crafting stuff into my "office" room and I want to weep when I remember all that I had and wish I still had! But, I do have lots to work with and I'm having fun learning new techniques with paint, markers, pencils and paper. I need creative outlets in my life. I know some people think they can't do crafts or be creative, but everyone could do something if they really wanted to! I'm not particularly artistic....not at all :(  but I like to keep trying! Here is today's photo. My newly organized paper craft center, right next to my computer desk.

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