Friday, September 7, 2012

Hillcrest Elementary School classmates - at our 45th Reunion


Here is our hall patrol photo. I guess the boys weren't trustworthy enough to be out in the hall alone!! Check out those pointy glasses!

Of course, we were sometimes in different classes throughout elementary school, so some of us in the current photo are not in the other three pictures.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Generous Friends - The Scotts

Last month we went to the Scotts home in Hansville, right on the water. Hansville is next to Point-No-Point if you know where that is! This "cabin" was built by Judy's grandfather and will remain in the family for years to come. The lot is only 40' wide, but Dick and Judy have expanded the living area by building up. Now it is really a house not a cabin. Dave loves to go to Hansville to relax and watch the cruise ships on their way to Alaska or on their way back to port in Seattle. I love to go to fish for salmon from the shore. I also enjoy watching for the cruise ships and relaxing, but mostly it is my only chance to go fishing! Dave isn't into fishing, so I anticipate getting to go during salmon fishing season. This time, however, I didn't catch a thing! Neither did Dick.

Dick always has the fishing pole ready and waiting for me.

Debbie and Judy were troopers, out watching us fish! Dave kept himself busy by taking pictures.

Relaxing on the deck with some coffee after casting and reeling before breakfast.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to the Scott's Bremerton home with friends to enjoy time together, eat, play games, eat, talk, eat and enjoy the water view from their home on Bud Inlet. I made this butterfly fruit cookie to share.

You can find the directions for this here:
What a fun time with friends!

Joan McCormick and Gayle Pollard

Ladder golf. Darvel Farrell and Vic McCormick

Debbie Scott & Judy Scott. Daughter and Mom fixing the salads!

Some of the guys...Dave, Ed Schultz, Larry Pollard, Dick Scott and Jerry Stelma

One of Ryan Scott's 4 daughters. Kayla.

Getting ready to say grace. Jerry, Gary Schimke, Dave, Ryan, Kayla, Debbie & Vic.

Dick, Marv, Chuck & Mary Strouss

Joan and Mary...Mary and I won...barely!

Patty and Jerry Stelma had already left before we snapped this photo.

One more photo indoors, so we could have Mary included. She has difficulty with stairs.
In addition to ladder golf, we also were able to play croquet, bocce ball, pool, ping pong and practice our putting. Glad I remembered to capture the day with a few photos. THANKS SCOTTS!!