Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flower Show

Today was the day for our Issaquah Garden Club flower show. We have had several meetings to plan this event and many of us have spent hours and hours working on the details to make today's show a success. And it was a success!!

We had the perfect location. The Issaquah Public Library. I arrived at 9 am along with several other ladies in our club to arrange the display tables, cover them with white plastic table coverings and get our signage in place. What a lot of work! I was in charge of planning our room arrangement and after careful measurement and plotting things out on graph paper, it worked out perfectly! See?

We had a lot more entries than we anticipated!
I was so happy that my variagated hosta won a blue ribbon AND won a rosette for best of show out of all the horticulture! Isn't it pretty? I wish I could take this hosta with me to our new house. Wonder if I can find a plant at a nursery that will compare. Of course, someone STOLE the one that I had already moved in a pot to our new house. What is wrong with people!!
I love this variagated hosta!
Then I saw that my 5" miniature arrangement won a blue ribbon and was best of that category. This is pretty impressive, since I have only entered one other flower show! I am still considered a novice. Now when I win one more blue ribbon, I won't be a novice anymore. I guess 10 years of involvement in garden club has its benefits!

The miniature roses are from our new house. I discovered that I have both yellow and red minis growing. I guess it is just the right environment for them. The other greenery and flowers are from my garden in this house.

You may ask why we we have a flower show. The reason is that it promotes garden club, so that the many people who stopped by might become interested in joining. It is also a fun and educational showcase for our club members to display the results of their hard work in the garden. And who doesn't enjoy a beautiful flower arrangement?? So, in case you wonder what I do with my time....maybe this will show you yet another side to my life. I always enjoy getting to talk to my garden club friends! I am so proud of my garden club!!