Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 14

Dirty, Dirty Car

Another packed day! After Pete left this morning to drop Hailey off at school and go on to work, Charlotte and I had a little time to do some coloring together. Then it was time to get in the car and head out to take my 94 year old aunt to her doctor appointment. I had to leave her there since she had 3 different appointments, so Charlotte and I purchased the things Aunt Eileen needed at 2 different stores. After we got home, it was soon time to prepare some lunch and take Charlotte to school. Lucky for me both girls are going home with friends so I have the rest of the day to myself. 

Well, not totally to myself! I had to get gas for the car and then go to Group Health to be with my aunt for one of her appointments with her doctor. Wouldn't you know they were short-handed in the pharmacy so it took another half an hour to get her prescription filled. I really wanted to take a photo of the little boy who was sitting in the pharmacy with his dad. The boy was 6 years old, reading a book as he petted his pet rabbit who was sitting on his lap just as nicely as can be. SO CUTE!! But, I thought maybe I shouldn't put his photo on my blog for privacy reasons. So instead, you get a photo of the windshield as I drove through the carwash after I got my aunt and all her goodies delivered back to her home. 

Oh, I still wasn't finished with my adventures, because I had such a badly broken fingernail that I HAD to stop and get a fresh coat of paint on my nails and had them clipped down way shorter than I had intended. They were super long and I was having trouble pushing the keypad at the cash machine, my cell phone and credit card machines. But I will have to post a photo anyway.
I don't see a Brown Bear!
YUP....both hands.......GO HAWKS!!!

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