Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saben's 6th Birthday Party - STAR WARS!

Dave and I drove up to Bellingham this afternoon for Saben's birthday party. Reminded me of the old days when it was Dave and I who had planned the party for our kids! And to think that Andy Lamb brought his 3 boys to celebrate, when he used to come to Kyle and Jason's birthday parties at these tender ages! That was way too cool! After everyone left, Kyle's family and Dave and I went out to eat dinner at Shari's, which was Saben's choice. I'm sure he has a tummy ache from all the cake and then a "Pancake Face" dinner!! Here are some snaps from the days events.


Lovely sunset on the way home AND a fabulous rainbow that I didn't get a photo of

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlotte is ready to crawl!

Charlotte has been sitting by herself for the past 2 weeks or so

 I watched Shauna's girls last night for a couple of hours and was amazed to see that not only can Charlotte sit by herself (she was six months old yesterday) but she is beginning to crawl. She can lift herself up on all fours and push herself forward. Shauna told me she was beginning to crawl, but I was skeptical. Holy cow! I was amazed at this sweet little Charlotte! I guess she is taking after her Uncle Jason, who crawled early and was walking at 10 months old.
So, is she creeping or actually crawling?
And Hailey is such an innocent little thing, so sweet and loving....until boom, she dances over to her sister and pushes her over! I had to give Hailey a time out and spoke with her sternly about being nice to her sister and that it was not good to push her over when she is sitting on the floor. I don't really know why she does this, because she is always giving her sister kisses and patting her on the back and treating her nice. That's kids for you!!
Hailey loves her little sister.

She loves playing in the tunnel

                                                                  The Dancing Queen!
Happy Baby!

And I'm one happy GRANDMA!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hellebore Tea

Here are some photos from the annual Hellebore Tea that I attended on Sunday afternoon at the Lake Wilderness Country Club, put on by the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. The first photo is of our table (Issaquah Garden Club) all set and ready to eat. We all contributed table decorations and food for the event. I made the floral centerpiece, using that same champagne glass that I used for our January garden club meeting. There is always a contest to see which table makes the best presentation and the judge is our local garden expert, Marianne Binetti . There were over 20 tables and lots of garden clubs were represented. Our table was one of two from the Issaquah Garden Club. Good food, good conversation! Silent auction, and a "best hat" contest. I don't wear hats so didn't participate. But next year, some of us are thinking we could get very creative and have our table mates each make a fun hat.

Our table decided to do floral mis-matched china and butterfly theme
Here is our table again, from above
And....the WINNING TABLE...the other table by our own Issaquah Garden Club members! Isn't it beautiful??

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stitch and Fish

I thought that might get your attention! 
This morning I attended an hour and a half talk by one of my favorite artistic quilters, Libby Lehman. She is from Houston, Texas, and was invited to speak at the Bernina dealer in Renton today. I paid my $20 a few weeks ago and was I ever glad I was there! 
Libby Lehman, author of the now out-of-print book Threadplay, which I already had so was able to bring it with me and get her signature in it! Check out that jacket!
  These are some examples of her work:

Of course Libby uses a Bernina sewing machine, but my Baby Lock machine will work equally as well, except for one foot that is a Bernina exclusive. I think I can live without it! Maybe. The reason that I have so admired Libby is that she is an abstract artist. Just my cup of tea! And she uses all sorts of threads and yarns to make her quilts come alive. Sometimes I have felt like out of water because I like the wonky, wacky and colorful in my quiltmaking. I know it is not for everyone. But it does sorta make my heart sing! I learned several new techniques today and I can't wait to put them into practice!! Now to the fish story.....

My beta fish that I have had longer than probably any other beta I've had, is sick. Somehow he lost his ability to float. I forget what they call that. There is a name for it.
Here is my friendly beta fish. I don't like to call him a Siamese Fighting Fish. That sounds too mean!
He has been living either on the bottom of his tank or in amongst the roots of the peace lily plant that I have at the top. The thin roots hold him up. A few times throughout the day I check on him to see if he is still alive. I know it's "just a little fish" but I feel so sorry for him! I pet the side of the tank, he looks at me and sometimes swims over to my finger. More often than not, he is lying perfectly still and I have to wiggle the glass tank to see if he is still alive. He slowly begins flipping his little "wings" and struggles to the top for some food.

Pool guy!
Do you think God cares about this little fish? I do! If He cares about a little sparrow, I'm sure he cares about the fish of the sea as well. And if God cares about the life of a little bitty fish, I guess I can too. The only thing I know for sure is that God cares for me and you! Makes me wonder if God is "wiggling my tank" checking to see what I'm up to! I hope He is not disappointed!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Hidden Dangers of SEWING!

I have had a cold. "So what?" you may ask. But I haven't had a full blown cold for a LONG time! So yesterday I was feeling like I could survive it and decided to lay low and spend the day in my sewing room. Then at about 9 pm, when common sense told me to call it a day, I said to myself, "Nah. Just one more piece to embroider. Then I will quit for the night." So much for my common sense ruling me!

Just a bit of carelessness and inattention mixed with my computerized, push-a-button embroidery/sewing machine and DANG if I didn't somehow manage to drive the needle into my left index finger! What a shock that was! ME???? I've sewn since I was a kid. HOURS and HOURS and YEARS and YEARS of sewing. Only the stupidest person could possibly sew through their finger!!

Ah, the loophole. I didn't sew through my finger! I just made the needle go part way in and then break, leaving the tip of the needle in my finger, totally in and under my finger nail. WHOA! And I wasn't actually sewing. I was working toward changing the bobbin thread when I don't know exactly what I did, but it did involve pushing a button. Must have been the wrong button! And why my finger was UNDER the needle is anyone's guess.

I knew I was in trouble when I saw the middle part of the needle hanging down but the eye of the needle was missing. I even looked for that needle tip after I saw this:

Look! No blood, no swelling, little pain.

Anyway, after a trip to Urgent Care in Bellevue, a shot of antibiotic in my behind and a tiny splint applied so I wouldn't bump it, I was sent home and told to call the orthopedist in the morning to find out when to come back to get it removed. It was suggested that I would need to have my fingernail removed to get at it. YIKES! The thought of that with only a pain blocker in my finger was enough to drive me bananas!

So this morning Dave drove me to the doctor's office and the Physician's Assistant managed to cut away my fingernail around the hole and dig down enough to expose the metal piece and then pull it out. I did have to have injections to block the pain in my finger, but it worked! And I'm really no worse for the wear. I can do whatever I want and the nail will grow out with the hole in it and I should be able to golf right away! Yahoo! (Today was ladies golf day, but I woke up with laryngitis, much to Dave's delight I'm sure!)

So there you have it. When using machinery, always employ your common sense. Stop when you've put in a full day's work and protect those fingers!

Oh. By the way, the nurse that helped me at urgent care told me I was the 2nd one of these in the past week. The other lady came in with the needle all the way through her finger! Nice to know I'm not the only one!