Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 30


What an afternoon! Ardis, Patti and I spent 4 hours alphabetizing and organizing the books in our community library. Some of the alphabetizing had been done but we have book shelves in 3 different rooms, so it was quite a big job today! We did it! We were doubtful that the books would all be able to be shelved, but lo and behold every book has a spot and there is no space leftover except the spaces we intentionally left on the shelves for room for new ones. One of our newest residents owned an antique shop and donated lots of new fiction books. We have a much more dynamic offering for our residents. We three were very tired when we left. I suspect we will all be dreaming about correctly alphabetizing books!! 

Isn't that terrible looking?? I should have take a photo of how this section looked after we finished. No books laying flat. Everything neat and tidy and in alphabetical order!! YEA!

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