Saturday, May 19, 2012


I hate painting. Dave hates painting. What was I thinking when I told Dave I wanted to paint the entire interior of our new home? Ugg. This remodel project has been going on for several weeks now and we are still not quite done with the painting. We are on the homestretch however. My first "mistake" was that I wanted to paint all the ceilings white and the walls a light tan/beige color. We have gone through several rolls of blue painters tape and Dave repeatedly reminds me that this was a bad idea!! Then I decided I didn't want to see ANY paneling or wood tone doors or trim. Of course, it takes 3 coats of paint to completely cover those areas with white semi-gloss. This home is almost 1800 sq. feet so that is a LOT of paint we have gone through.

I applied one coat of paint in the master bath, needing to cover wallpaper and paneling, and Dave just surprised me by saying he was heading over there to give it another coat of paint. YES!! I will be leaving soon to go buy yet another gallon of paint for the kitchen ceiling. Then I will attempt to paint the pantry door. Will this ever end?? I want to throw out our paint pans and rollers when we are finished!

We are making progress with the entire project though. Son Jason is doing the remodeling for us (minus the painting) and he has begun to install the new cabinets. Here is a photo taken at the beginning of this process as Jason was tearing out the kitchen cabinets, etc. Notice that ugly wallpaper!

Goodbye YELLOW!!!
Both Dave and I are anxious to be finished with everything and get moved in. NO MORE GRASS TO MOW!! We are feeling more and more like this is home and we can see the finish line ahead of us. We are beginning to mentally arrange our furniture!

The first room I painted was one of the spare bedrooms. I chose a light green and it was tough to paint as I couldn't differentiate (when the paint was wet) between the old yellow/cream color and the new green color. Once I finished, the change was obvious and I loved the look.

Hmm, what's new and what's old paint???
Most of the doors and trim had already been painted this yellow-toned cream color and I repainted them white. This house will have just about every detail updated. We are installing new bath fans (the master bath has a heater, so we found a nice Broan fan with a heater), new lights throughout, updating the light switches and outlets to white instead of cream, new door hardware, new blinds throughout, new roof, new plumbing lines, new appliances, new plumbing fixtures, and new flooring in the kitchen, utility and bathrooms. Jason is doing a fantastic job for us and of course when you open up a wall or change wiring, it presents another challenge in some way. Jason is really good at figuring out solutions to those problems!

Just to add to our workload, we ordered a shed and Dave has begun the process preparing the spot to install the shed. Yup. It was delivered in 2 flat boxes and needs to be assembled. I also ordered a new desk for my computer and that is also in 2 boxes and needs to be put together. I am planning on buying a new Hemnes daybed from ikea since it not only has 3 big drawers in it to store the grandkids toys, but it will make into a king size bed. guessed will need to be assembled!

When we are moved in and done with all this craziness, we can picture ourselves out on the patio sipping our margueritas and reading on our kindles. But wait....after we move we will need to clean up this house after we have a huge moving sale. Downsizing by 1/2 presents the problem of what to take with us and what to get rid of. Soon this will all be a foggy memory!!