Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooktacular Pumpkins!

Wednesdays are good days at Valley Medical Center. Once again, yesterday was a special day as they awarded gifts to the employees of the month and had the annual department pumpkin carving contest! Of course there was cake, fruit, candy, carmel corn, punch and coffee for everyone. Since the gift shop is right across from the big fountain, we are right in the center of activity! Here are some of this years entries in the contest. There is definitely some creative talent at VMC!

I didn't know what this meant, so here is the definition: "To rupture or break open, as a surgical wound."  Now it makes sense!

"Count Coagulation"
"Corny" Yup, it's made of candy corns!
"You Got Me Back in the Game"
"Veggies are Brain Power"
"Nurse Pumpkin" Check out her mouse!
"Spooky Sliders" The burger is made from chocolate rice krispie cookies, and the Fresh Finger Food is their version of French Fries.
Here is "Mr. Yuk" and his friend
"Rockin Round the Pumpkin Patch"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this entry was created by
the Breast Center

"EPIC is Coming" I'm not certain just what EPIC is, but I guess I will have to find out!

And finally, this one was my favorite...
"Angry Birds"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Knitting Projects

Lately I have been in a knitting mode, so wanted to post 3 of my latest knitting projects. I love creating things and this time decided to make some things for myself. The first two of my creations are cowls. If you haven't used circular knitting needles, they are great to work with and I had loads of fun with these 2! I can knit pretty quickly while watching TV, but do get messed up sometimes when Dave talks to me. Especially when I need to keep track of where I'm at by making notes with paper and pen. I really get goofed up when interrupted while I'm concentrating real hard doing more intricate work, like with this cowl:

I really like how this turned out and am enjoying wearing it!

Here it is laid out so you can see that it was knit in one piece.

This teal/blue cowl was also knit with circular needles and is twice as long as the previous one, so I wear it wrapped around my neck twice.

This was taken with a flash which shows a bit more detail.

And this was taken without a flash. Just so you can see the comparison! Someday I plan on learning how to use my new camera, but for now.....

There are just so many pretty yarns out there that I do have trouble telling myself "no!" One of my favorite yarn shops is Cultured Purl in Gilman Village in Issaquah. I have also found some fun ideas and yarns at the Knittery in Renton. This next neck wrap knit up in about 2 hours. I have seen it made in metallic ribbon yarns and was tempted to just make it up like that, but then I found this variegated turquoise ribbon yarn at the Knittery and had to get it. I may go back and get the metallic silver and make a narrower version. I'm really having too much fun!

So what color is this really??
When I was golfing two weeks ago it was an overcast and somewhat wet day, and when I walked down the slope from one green to the next tee box, I skidded and went down on my bum! OUCH! I had a wee bit of a whiplash and that lasted for 4 or 5 days, but I must have cracked my tailbone because it still hurts and I find that sitting is difficult without a pillow. So, I have spent some time resting my tailbone and knitting is my companion. Luckily it rained last Tuesday so most of the ladies cancelled out, which means that this Tuesday we do get to take part in the tournament that got cancelled. I'm hoping I can manage to walk the course without too much pain! And I hope I don't slip and slide again! The one thing I learned from that adventure was that I need to clean the cleats on my golf shoes. The soles of my shoes were packed with so much mud that I had no traction left. You better believe that I will be checking my shoes when I golf in wet conditions!

The golf season with the ladies club will be over in two weeks so I will be doing lots more knitting I suppose....and reading!

I love my life!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Charlotte's First Birthday

Charlotte turned ONE on September 22, but Pete and Shauna had a gathering for friends and family on Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Now that I have my new desktop (that is another story...a boring one) I am able to download the photos and put them in my blog. The video is for you, Robin! It was a fun afternoon!

Bri Prather and her daughter, Eloise, and Baar and his mom Sarah Weeldreyer

Kelsie and Emma

No, No, No!!!!!


I made these hairclips for Kelsie's new baby Emma

Shauna liked the ones I made for Emma and asked if I could make some for her her girls. Hailey likes Thomas the Train!