Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why I dislike going to the mall

I very rarely go to a shopping mall. I prefer to do my shopping online or at stand alone stores. I took this photo while standing in line to make a purchase at JC Penney's at Southcenter or Westfield Mall as it is now known. Much to my dismay, I couldn't find a sales associate anywhere on the floor to help me (men's department upstairs) and when I finally thought I knew what I wanted to buy I had to walk all over trying to find a place to check out. Gone are the department sales counters only to be replaced by 2 "customer service" stations for the entire upstairs. Then there is the long line, and yes there were people in back of me in line. The sales clerks were busy chit chatting with their customers instead of speedily moving along and shortening the line. And look at all that junk on the shelves to the right and left. What a messy area. I felt like I was at WalMart.

I suppose it is because people like me would rather shop while seated in front of the computer screen that brick and morter stores are struggling. I hadn't realized that the Penneys at Bellevue Square has been gone for quite a while now. Still....there were lots of people at the mall and plenty were making purchases. Of course typically the younger ones are just cruising the mall looking for trouble. There were 3 police officers outside the main entrance to the mall and since I didn't actually walk inside the mall but just parked near the store entrances and went in, I have no idea what was going on in the mall or if there were more armed police officers inside. This mall has had a bad reputation for gang activities and problems. It didn't help that I went here on Saturday evening! As I walked out to my car a group of young "adults" were hollering and gesturing but I didn't stick around to see what they were up to.

I know I am out of touch with current trends and prices, but I sure become disgruntled when encountering guys with their underwear exposed and pants halfway down to their knees and the ripped, torn, patched style of jeans that people must be paying real money to buy! And then there are the tattoos on both the young and old., nose rings, studs, etc. etc. I did pop into Nordstroms to pick something up and was aghast when I looked at the price tag on a men's shirt as I walked by. Who is paying $169 for a man's cotton shirt?? Who can afford to shop at Nordies?? The prices are ridiculous! Just what is the average income for this area? And I saw lots of people who didn't look like they had two nickles to rub together shopping at Nordstroms. Or are there just TONS of people living in our area who are rich? And don't look the part?

Boy, I really feel my age. I'm old. I'm grumpy. And I just don't understand why things cost so much. I remember when my dad needed a new pair of shoes many years ago and he couldn't understand how a pair of shoes could possibly cost $60! "Why, they used to cost $10!!" I was so amused at the time that he was so out of touch. And now here I am. Insulated in my own little world and out of touch.