Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Volunteering at VMC

It has been about 3 months since I began volunteering at Valley Medical Center in Renton. My commitment is only for 4 hours once a week, so really, it is a minimal amount of time, but I sure do love it! I get to work in the gift shop, a wonderland of treasures. I thought I would take a few photos of my environment during my time today.

I can usually be found behind the counter at the cash register....

when I'm not refilling the shelves or tidying up the displays.

Today there was a Harvest Festival held in the big gathering area right beyond our wide open gift shop. The CEO, Rich Roodman, (who is a very nice and personable man by the way) gave the award for the employee of the month.
I think Mr. Roodman's face is hidden by a balloon!

There was food to eat and then the various departments offered their pumpkin creations to be judged. Here is a sample of their creative work:

This event was over in about an hour and everyone went back to work, a brief respite from the daily grind I'm sure! If you ever need to order flowers for someone in the hospital, my advice is to check with the hospital and see if they have a flower department, like VMC, and just call in an order and have it delivered right to your friend's room, with NO DELIVERY FEE! Our flower department makes the most beautiful arrangements and we sell lots of them! We also have plants for sale. Our floral prices are very reasonable. Oh, and here is just a sample of the BABY goods, among other fun stuff, that I get tempted by every Wednesday!
Isn't this just the CUTEST Bearington doggy coat??

Look at that cute tail on the back!

Stop in for a visit sometime and check out our wonderful purses, jewelry, scarves, knick-knacks, lotions, and baby items. Come and buy some things so I can enjoy the experience through you and not put another dent in my pocketbook!

Oh, I should mention that yesterday all the hospital volunteers were honored with a lunch at the Doubletree at Southcenter. It was very nicely done and the food was GREAT! Thanks, VMC.

I have volunteered for lots of things over the course of my lifetime and I find that volunteering in the hospital setting is very fulfilling. When I was in my early 20's (before kids) I volunteered at Providence Hospital in Portland, OR, and had the pleasure of pushing a cart full of craft items to patient's rooms and giving them an opportunity to be creative. I can't stand the blood and guts part of hospital work, but I especially like dealing with patients, staff and the public.

You know you are volunteering at the right place when you feel like the satisfaction you get far outweighs the time and energy involved. If you haven't found your niche, try volunteering for something that will bring you pleasure and be a help to others.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knitted Hats for my grandkids

I got the idea to make pumpkin hats for my granddaughters about 2 weeks ago and looked online for a pattern. This is the one I chose:

This is the main site that I used that has lots of good information and patterns:

I used Red Heart acrylic yarn and made all 3 hats from one skein and have enough left over for at least one more. Evening TV viewing allowed me to complete these hats in no time at all.

All Done!

I used circular needles until I reached a time when I needed to switch to 4 or 5 needles.

This is Hailey trying on the hat before I finished the vine and leaf.

Sweet Annika trying on her hat.

Shauna with Hailey and Charlotte when they went to Trinity Pumpkin Patch.

The gray hat is a helmet style hat that I made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn and since I was experimenting, it turned out rather goofy. I gave that one to Saben until I can get this one in the mail to him. I told his mom, Kari, that it is OK for him NOT to wear it out in public! He had fun clowning around with it anyway.

Here is Saben in his crazy gray hat. He has a washable tattoo on his neck.

Saben's REAL hat!

I did most of the work on this hat on the trip to Bellingham today. Too bad I didn't get it done on the way there! I would have been able to give it to Saben but now I will have to mail it. I made this out of Patons brand yarn "Classic Wool" working two strands together and once again I found the pattern online:

As I mentioned, we drove up to Bellingham today. We stopped to visit Dave's sister and husband for a bit and then went on to our son Kyle's home. We brought Dave's brother, Bob, with us since he hadn't seen where Kyle and Kari and the kids live. We all drove out to Everson, which is Northeast of Bellingham and were amazed to see such a large "pumpkin patch" that included several animals, a tiny train that the kids could have a ride on (at $3 each mind you!) They also had a corn maze (a more simple one since they plan on lots of tots and parents,) cotton candy, donuts, etc. etc. etc. They didn't have such things when we were raising our kids! Didn't we all just go to the grocery store and pick out the finest we could find? Oh, and it was a cheap treat in those days! It did begin raining when we headed to the corn maze, but we all had a good time in spite of it.

Kari's parents and her brother, his wife and their son Seth also drove up to take part in this adventure. So here we were all 12 of us and wouldn't you know that one of the grandparents remarked that this was pretty neat that we don't have to count heads anymore! We aren't in charge! What a relief that was to just tag along and watch things unfold before our eyes.

Seth, Saben & Annika are cousins

Here is the little train

Seth, Saben & Annika ready to get moving!
Searching among the pumpkins and gourds for the perfect pumpkin.

Sweet Success!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Colors

On Saturday morning, Dave and I filled our Starbucks travel mugs with fresh coffee and headed North through Monroe and over Steven's pass to check out the scenery. Of course, we did stop for Chuck's donuts after gassing up! Here are a few photos that we took. We neglected to stop often enough to capture the purples and reds, but it was a beautiful day for a ride.

When we got to Leavenworth, we drove around for several minutes looking for a parking place and I finally said, "let's just go, there is nothing I need to shop for anyway!" They did have a craft fair going on and I would have liked to check that out, but we've been there many times and neither of us felt like we would be missing anything if we didn't stay. Besides.....German food is not our favorite. And really, what can you do in Leavenworth except eat and shop!?
I don't remember exactly where we saw this rock formation, but I thought it looked like either a gopher or a pig head. What do you see?

We spent a good amount of time in Wenatchee, enjoying the antique stores and then drove over the river to East Wenatchee. By then we were getting quite hungry, sugar low after those donuts, and didn't want to drive back over the river to the restaurant we had selected there, so when we saw an Olive Garden, we made a quick right turn and had a wonderful linner, or dunch....well a big mean anyway between lunch and dinner. Yum yum. If you haven't had their Chicken Parmigiana, try it. I like theirs better than any I've had at other restaurants.

We were definitely tired by the time we got home, but are glad we went. It is easy for me to just take for granted our spectacular scenery as I drive here and there, but thankfully I am married to a man who is still in awe of all that the Lord has created! For the past many years I have taken my knitting or crocheting with me and I am often interrupted by his comments to "Look at THAT!" as we pass something truly incredible. And for the most part, I don't mind the interruptions. I love that man!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charlotte Marie Myron

It is now official! Our newest granddaughter has a name. It seems that the old style names are coming back into fashion these days and we are very happy to announce that Baby's name is Charlotte! The name is French and means "petite" and "feminine." It will be fun to watch this wee one grow into her name. Dave immediately took to referring to her as Charlie, although Shauna doesn't want her to have a nick name. I like the nickname Lottie, but think I will just be calling her Charlotte. Don't want to cause any waves with Mom and Dad!! Besides, Charlotte is really a pretty regal sounding name!

Two Hours Old

One Week Old
Two Weeks Old (zzzzzz...)
Three Weeks Old

Guess Who! This is Hailey on her birth day
And I'm sure you guessed, this is Charlotte on her birth day.
They could be identical twins!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Trust Your Gut Feelings!

A couple of days ago I was cleaning out some old files and came upon 4 newsletters (35 to 40 pages each!) that were sent to me back in 1989. I have saved them all these years because they were promoting homeschooling and I was in agreement with much of what was written, although they definitely had more radical thoughts than I did about public education. But, there was something that just didn't seem right about them. They were from a place called the Gentle Wind School in Surry, Maine, with a PO Box listed as their address. They would only be printing 4 newsletters, and I do have all four. There are no names to be found on any of these articles. The special notice to readers says "We are a group of researchers who have been studying the human consciousness, particularly the mental and emotional systems, for the past seven years."

Back in 1989 I was knee deep in homeschooling and eager to read anything that promoted homeschooling, especially since I felt like I was breaking new ground in homeschooling high schoolers. HOWEVER, I found myself thinking "something just isn't quite right with these newsletters!" Little did I know! At the time I couldn't find any references on the computer to this "school" so had no way to find out why I was bothered. Yesterday I decided to see what I could dig up on the computer. I discovered, much to my shock, that these people were the founders of a mind controlling cult. They were shut down by the law in Maine and relocated to Reno, Nevada.

They operated under a variety of names: Gentle Wind Project, Gentle Wind Retreat, Gentle Wind/Turning Point, Gentle Wind, and their first 2 newsletters were titled REBOUD (Redeeming Education By Observing Universal Natural Development) and the last two were called "Great Education Moves."

So, my only point in writing this is to say, "I WAS RIGHT!!" When your gut tells you something is amiss with what you are reading or learning it! Run! I'm so glad that I never took their writings too seriously and that I saved them for all this time and was able to finally find out the truth about these people!

Be aware, people...and don't get sucked in to other people's schemes!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tribute to my Aunt Eileen

Aunt Eileen with Hailey

My mom's sister, Eileen, is 88 years old and has been living independently since my uncle passed away fifteen years ago. Eileen is my last living elder relative. I remember when my dad's last sibling passed away and how weird it was to think that he had outlived them all (5 brothers and 1 sister.) Since my only sibling, Bob, passed away 14 years ago I guess I have been in the same situation! Except that I still have Aunt Eileen! But I digress.

Eileen called me three weeks ago and said "I can't do this anymore. Find me an assisted living home." So I did. I am so proud of my aunt!! She didn't wait until someone told her that she needed to move and she didn't go kicking and screaming. I hope I will be as gracious should I live to an age where I need help. She gave away most of her "stuff." She was living in an apartment, so she put on the table in the public area all of her food, kitchen items and all sorts of things that she wouldn't need in her new small room. They got snatched up in no time at all.

Last Saturday was moving day. Dave, Jason & Pete were in charge of moving her things to her new home. Dave rented a U-Haul and we began at 9:00 am and she was settling in by 11:00! I stayed for several hours and helped her get organized. We hung lots of pictures so it looks like her space. They allowed me to eat lunch with her in the cafeteria and I was pleased to find that the food was tasty.

It has been 4 days now and Eileen has told me more than once that she is very happy that she made this decision. She is meeting all sorts of people and if she wants, she can find lots of ways to fill her days. They have church services, dominoes, bingo, trips to the store and bank, craft time, etc. etc. etc. I don't know why some people are so reluctant to make this decision. Why do we hold on to our way of life so tightly?? Like I said, I am very proud of my Aunt Eileen. She has a good attitude and has accepted the fact that as a diabetic, with neuropathy in her legs which makes it difficult to walk, she needed more care than she could give herself. She wanted to make this move while she could still get around because she knew the day would come when she would be forced to move.

She is selling her car, never to drive again. Life is full of changes and difficulties. I hope to remember the lessons that my Aunt has taught me. Have the courage to change. She made the decision to sell her home in Lyman, WA, and move to Renton to be near her only sister, my mom, after my uncle passed away. I know she was sad to leave, but with each change she has had to make, she has done it with dignity and a sense of calm.

I wish everyone had Eileen's attitude about change. A house is a house is a house. (or apartment) But a home. A home is what you make of whatever space you are living in. I know that all of this life is temporary and should be of little concern. My real home is still to come. I will find that perfect home situation after my death here on earth and I am living in my new eternal home with my Savior!

Thank you, Aunt Eileen, for reminding me of what is truly important!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 on 10 for the 10th Month of 2010

10 Photos taken on the 10th day of each month. Join the fun! Go to Blogs I follow to the right and click on 10 on 10.

8 am Church service, then God and Government Sunday School Class at 9:30. It was my turn to provide treats......homemade cookies.

Daily ritual of seeing who will win the days match! Nice break, Dave.

Bath time for Frodo. Lathered....


Soft and fluffy. Smells good! Needs a haircut. :(

This is the hat I knit for Baby. Too big. Baby has a small head!

Uh oh....Baby is NOT HAPPY!! "Get this hat off my head!"

Hailey is happy to pose for a photo.

I better get busy with my Bible Study Fellowship homework!

Finished with the ear flaps for Hailey's hat. Hope she likes it!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Knit Baby Afghan

I finally finished knitting the white afghan for Baby Myron Girl #2!! Or Katelyn....the paperwork is not finalized yet on her name, so she is just Baby for now. This only took me about 2 months and although it is a relatively simple pattern, the Bobble row took me much more time to knit so it seemed to go on and on. I did watch quite a bit of TV while knitting! There are so many wonderful patterns to knit or crochet, but I decided on this one called "Mint For Friends" from the Leisure Arts book "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans" but I wanted it done in white. I am pleased to say that Shauna loved it!! It is always VERY rewarding when the people I make things for actually LIKE what I made!

I'm working on a sweet pink hat for Baby and will post that when I finish it. I did think ahead and asked Shauna what hat pattern she liked for Hailey from the book I have called "Baby Beanies." Now the trick is to see if Hailey likes it when I finish it! When Shauna was 2 she was VERY opinionated about what clothes she liked and didn't like. I spent some time at the Osh Kosh Store at Factoria today with Shauna and the girls and Hailey knew exactly what she liked and was quick to shake her head "NO" when she didn't like what I pointed out. Shauna is doing a really good job of asking her opinion before buying her clothes.

You can expect to see some other things that I make here on my blog. I love to do all sorts of crafty things and have enjoyed being creative since I was a kid. I learned to sew when I was in junior high school and bought my first NEW Singer sewing machine right after I graduated from high school. I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't have these outlets to keep me going!

Here is the afghan for Baby: