Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 31


After church I worked on a couple of things simultaneously. I was in my sewing room putting together my latest PatchAbilities hanging for February and I would go back and forth from the scanner on Dave's desk area to my computer room so I could scan some photos. I discovered many photos that I hadn't sent out to be scanned onto a disc. Oops. Since they are a wide variety of sizes, some from my parents stash and some from our early years together, I decided to just do a small portion at a time. Today I accomplished a bunch of random photos and I will be working on this throughout the year I suppose. It is rather fun to look at some of these oldies but goodies.

Here is today's photo of the monthly hanging. I did not buy the February pattern, but copied something I had seen in a quilt and did my own thing. I like it!

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