Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 20


Awhile back my 93 year old aunt asked me to look for a new comforter for her queen size bed when I go to the Goodwill. Today was the day I found the perfect thing! It's not a comforter but a quilt. It is beautiful! I was happy that it is in near perfect condition and it was 20% off for seniors today. I also found some skeins of 100% Peruvian Wool fingering weight yarn, so will be thinking about what I will create with it. I think the reason I like going to thrift stores is the thrill of the hunt! You never know what you might find. Last night I wore a Christine Alexander brand bejeweled jacket that I found months ago at Goodwill and everyone at Bunco oohed and awed over it! I ran into another lady from our community while I was in Goodwill today and this happens frequently. Some people wouldn't dream of shopping at thrift stores, but I think that when you can pay $12 for a lovely queen size quilt it makes it well worth my time and effort!

I also follow a blogger (ReFashionista) and you can find her link to the right. She gets clothing for $1 or $2 and cuts them apart and refashions them into other clothing items. She is inspiring! I seldom find anything marked that low at Goodwill unless I go on Mondays when things with a certain colored tag is marked down to $1.79 each. Still a great price but usually I can't find much that I want at that price.

Our bed is king size and the quilt is folded in half so this will fit Eileen's bed nicely. She is going to love it!

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