Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 7


A few days ago I made a leotard for granddaughter Hailey. Uhhhh, it sure looks tiny! SO today I cut out another one making it a bit bigger. It looks like it might actually fit. I have enough of each of these fabrics to make another leotard should I need to! I used my very old Kwik Sew pattern #1378 that is probably 35 years old and had to modify it a bit. The pattern instructions that you see in the photo are for something I got online for $6. The only problem is that I now have to cut  the pieces out (I already printed the 15 pages of instructions and 16 pages of pattern pieces) and then tape everything together. I know I really didn't need a pattern, but since the multi-colored leotard is the one Hailey really wants I went for it. Now I'm just sort of trying to get the sizing correct. It should be so simple! Of course the leg and arm holes "itch" when Hailey wears the store bought type, I used double folded elastic on my first attempt. I have ordered a plush elastic that I am hoping will solve this problem. Anyway, this is today's photo.


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