Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24

and let the rest go!

I felt like I needed to do a craft project today, so I worked on my Art to the 5th project that I began sometime last year. I will get all the pages finished eventually. It is a good way to experiment and try new things. I bought myself a Gelli plate from a seller on Ebay to get a better price, but here is a link to them on Amazon. They come in several different sizes. Click here

I used gesso, acrylic paints, various pens and pencils, torn newspaper articles, glitter, matte medium,stencils and gold leaf. I have completed only 8 2-page spreads and have a LOT more to work on. My goal is to finish this book in 2016, including doing the cover. You probably want to know what the purpose of this is. The only purpose it serves is as a creative outlet and it is kinda neat to look back and see how I incorporated sayings, people, themes and ideas.

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