Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8

Shauna Heads to Sierra Leone

I rolled out of bed this morning at 4:25 to transport my darling daughter to the airport for her 10 day mission trip to Sierra Leone, which is on the west coast of Africa. Her friend, Hannah, is waiting to meet up with her inside. They are on different flights just 5 minutes apart. The team will meet up at the airport in Paris and fly the rest of the way together. This will be a long day for Shauna! On the other hand, I will be going back to Pete and Shauna's house and have girl duty. Charlotte, who doesn't have preschool today, will be with me all day and I will pick Hailey up from school this afternoon. I hope that I have the energy to do this all next week!

I drove her to the airport this morning. 

Here is another photo from 1990 of Shauna helping her dad clean up the huge amount of leaves that accumulated each year.

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