Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

Today is the 6th day of this ugly flu, but I'm improving! I'm no longer on the couch. When I checked my email yesterday I found a message from Issaquah Sew and Vac suggesting that those of us who own embroidery machines might want to spend a little time sewing up some snowflakes that will greet the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary when they return to a new school later in January.  That was such a senseless tragedy and this is a small way for people to show that they care.

Check this link:

I found several snowflake patterns to download for free, so today I spent part of the day tending to my machine. Here is the result. 14 lovely snowflakes. Each one is between 2 1/2" to 4" in diameter.

Each snowflake takes between 16 and 28 minutes just to stitch out.

If you type "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook" in your browser you will find all sorts of links to this project. With so many people creating snowflakes out of all sorts of materials from fabric to paper the school should be a fabulous site to behold.  If I had kids at home, I would get them busy making paper snowflakes and mailing them directly to the school. I will drop mine off at Issaquah Sewing and Vacuum (my favorite sewing spot) and THEY will mail our snowflakes for us, hopefully in a big box full of handmade snowflakes from lots of crafty people.

It feels good to spend a day creating some cheer for others who have suffered so much.