Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 12

Charlotte and Grandma

This morning I packed a lunch for Charlotte and we drove to Issaquah for a little one on one shopping adventure. First we stopped at Issaquah Coffee because Charlotte wanted a piece of their gluten-free banana bread. I thought it would be a good idea to document this but Charlotte has a way of always turning her head, hiding her face or climbing under the table to avoid having her photo taken. These are the best I could get:

Then we were off to Value Village. Charlotte picked out 4 dresses and of course when she tried them on she wanted all of them. There was a matching dress in Hailey's size for one of her choices, so we had to get that as well. I also sprang for some books for her. What's a gramma to do??

I wanted to stop at Gossypium Quilt Shop to see what new items they have in stock and Charlotte liked lots of the fabrics and patterns. I had the clerk order a kit that looks interesting to me. It seems like when ever a store puts something already made up on display the item sells out quickly. The kit includes a pattern and the fabric for a gorgeous orange/red fox on a teal background. It will be fast and easy to make since it is a wall hanging. I really enjoy doing that size project. Charlotte ate her lunch in the backseat as we drove to school. All in all a fun time with this little munchkin.

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