Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 13

Afternoon with Hailey

I had been looking forward to the afternoon with Hailey today because I wanted to take her to the Issaquah Coffee House for some one-on-one time and the girls' favorite banana bread. However, when I arrived at their home I discovered that Miss Hailey had a tummy ache and would be staying home from school. Phooey! As the morning progressed it seemed that Hailey was doing much better. It was supposed to be a half day for her anyway. The girls played mine-craft on XBox for awhile and I was able to advance a bit in my latest Fannie Flagg novel. After I fed them lunch, we took Charlotte to school and Hailey and I came back to their house. We played a very long game of Monopoly. I washed a couple loads of clothes for the girls and before long it was time to go get Charlotte.

By the time we got home from getting Charlotte, they played a bit and I got them some dinner it was time to head out the door for Hailey's "new to her" pre-team gymnastics class. She was selected to try this pre-team class because she shows lots of potential, so it will be interesting to see if she does indeed have the inborn talent that we all see. Pete arrived just before Hailey's class began and I stayed for about a half an hour to watch the girls go through their paces. I can tell this is a more advanced class because they now meet in the building across the street which is where the bigger/better kids go and some of the older girls are really good! Hailey had a BIG smile on her face for the whole time I was there and she was really focused and tried her best to do just what was asked of her. She is super flexible and was the only one of the 7 in her class who can do the splits both facing her front foot and facing forward with her legs perfectly split and on the floor. All in all it was another fun day with the girls, however I was beat by the time I got home at 6:45 pm!

I think she wants you to see those missing teeth!

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