Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 91

Dave HATES it when I let my hair grow longer.

Every few years I decide to grow my hair out. Dave complains and complains. I get it cut and am immediately unhappy. I try, I really do try, to tell the stylist NOT to cut it too short. I want bounce. I want the back left longer and stacked so it doesn't lie flat against my head. I thought by this age I would be over the hair trauma. Years ago I quit going to expensive salons because they couldn't leave my hair long enough for me to style it the way I wanted. Stylists didn't seem to understand the WEDGE concept. I hate getting my hair cut. I hate having my hair fiddled with. I hate looking at my aging self in their mirrors. I hate all the idle chit chat about nothing or the fact that they don't speak English well enough to even try to carry on a conversation. Sigh. 

Goodbye longer hair.....

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