Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 82

which one did I see this morning?

Let's see. I'm not too active, don't do sports except golf and I hate exercise. That seems out. No eye problems so that is not it. Heavens NO! I'm not pregnant!! I don't work so don't need occupational Medicine. Orthopedics/Sports Medicine? That seems right, at least orthopedics does. And WIC I had to look up. It stands for women, infants and children. I am a woman but don't have any infants or children in my care. Let's settle on Orthopedics.

It is for my foot. Again. I had it looked at 2 1/2 years ago and the situation is bleak at best. I have new pain on the top and side of my foot and it is because of this titanium joint in my big toe. It has caused me nothing but grief for the 22 years it has been in place. The other four toe joints have fallen off their pedestals so to speak. The big toe bone above the joint is hollow, the titanium joint is loose and shifted out of place. I knew I needed to have work done on my foot but have been trying to cope as best I can for as long as I can. Things have moved further out of place since my last visit so it is even more obvious that I need to have things corrected. Ugg. I'm not sure when I will get this surgery scheduled. I can wait but I don't want to risk further problems by waiting too long.

So, we are still analyzing when the best time will be. The doctor is 2-3 months out in his surgery schedule so likely I will wait until late summer or early fall. Just a little three hour surgery to remove the titanium joint, place part of my hip bone into the hollow part of the toe, install a plate and screws to permanently keep my toe straight, and then break the remaining toes (or rather remove a small portion above and below the joint on each toe) straighten the toes and pin them in place. Lots of  incisions, lots of risk of infection, lots of walking on my heal and trying to protect my foot and a fairly long recovery.

I have wanted to avoid this but the time has arrived when I need to be able to walk again and not have pain. The doctor is confident that he can do this surgery and I should be able to walk OK and without pain. And even golf again. What a relief that would be! However, he has only removed a couple of titanium joints and indicated that not many doctors will have done this because it is rare that people have artificial toe joints . Only podiatrists were stupid enough (gasp!) to do this to their patients. Orthos know that the best fix for arthritic and injured toe joints is fusion. The only time I will go to a podiatrist is for something minor and NO surgery for sure!! Learn from me!!

The doctor indicated that the most pain would be from the surgery to remove hip bone. I assured him that that was the least of my worries! I already have part of my right hip in my right wrist.  I'm losing count of all my surgeries. If I live long enough, I may just set a record for the most surgeries! I never dreamed my life would include so much trauma and so many scars!

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