Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 79


This morning we visited Bob for awhile and had a fine time reminiscing about the old days when he used to work for Olympic Pipeline and the various airplanes he owned or rented. It is good to see that he remember so much of his past. He was a bit confused when we got there. Wasn't sure how he got into his chair and how the chair ended up in the middle of the room. Dave brought Bob his guitar which he had asked for so hopefully the next time we visit he will have had a chance to see if his fingers still work! He also has a harmonica that he can play. Bob wanted his amplifier but Dave said it would disturb the other residents. No problem....he will play outside! We don't plan on bring the amp anytime soon for him!

We were able to connect for a late lunch with Marv and Merrely and then stopped at one of her favorite gift/art shops at Factoria. Of course, I couldn't escape without getting myself a bit of bling!

Now we are home, Dave is watching golf and I am headed into my sewing room to hem up a pair of my slacks and finish up an apron I am making for the charity auction.

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