Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 65

A little Roundup by Dave and Raking-up by me

Finally a very pretty day to attack the yard. Dave has another bad cold, but he managed to go out and spray Roundup on an area of serious weed growth this afternoon. I raked up all the twig, leaves and more twigs. After clipping away the dead hydrangea flowers from last season, I called it quits for the day. Last month I reluctantly agreed with Dave to hire someone to spread some beauty bark this spring. I don't like beauty bark! It smothers the bulbs and makes it difficult to plant new plants, BUT I am willing to just give up any serious landscaping plans for now. I may buy some concrete "blocks" or something to create a raised bed in the front by the sidewalk where we long ago removed my most hated juniper tams. Why anyone would plant tams is beyond me, except on a steep slope to stop erosion!!

Unfortunately I have had to accept the fact that our "yard" is full of tree roots and there is just not enough soil to do much planting. Those cedar trees on the other side of the sidewalk are creating unevenness in the sidewalk and big humps in our yard. Then there are those rhodies that Dave cut back almost to the ground last fall. I'm hoping they don't grow back!

Next will be my vegetable garden. It is sort of a mess right now. I did plant a bunch of garlic last fall and it is all doing great. I am hoping to put in a vegetable bed. Hmmmm. Maybe those concrete blocks will work better than the wood frame that I had hoped to buy. I will have to keep a close watch on the weather and plan ahead! 

Sure hope Dave doesn't wake up with a sore back in addition to his crummy cold!

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