Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 75

Only 1/4th but it's enough!

For the past year or so I have been going to one of our many local nail salons to get my fingernails painted. Oh sure, I did buy all the stuff I needed to do my own. Beautiful Gelish polish that lasts until removed with acetone nail polish remover. An LED lamp to set the polish. Uh hunh. I've got it all. BUT, can I actually apply it on both hands without making it look like a child painted them? NOPE! So, I decided that life is short and I wanted my nails to actually look good. Off to the salon I go. Every two to three weeks. YUP. Gel (or shellac) polish really does last that long. I don't get a manicure, just change of polish, so that is good.

Usually I do a sensible color, but my feisty Irish blood stirred within me as I looked at my color choices today. And there it was. Green for St. Patrick's Day. Dave didn't say a word about the color after I arrived home. He had waited for me to arrive home so we could watch The Five on Fox together. Maybe he was just distracted by Super Tuesday and which presidential candidate would win Florida. Maybe the smell of barbecued ribs in the oven distracted his attention. Maybe it was because I had to leave shortly afterward to go pick up two friends and drive to Lake Union in Seattle for dinner bunco. (This month, our member who lives on a 56 foot boat hosted us. We only had 6 out of the normal 12 tonight so we ate, talked and played Apples to Apples instead.) Whatever the reason, Dave hasn't noticed my nails or decided it wasn't worth it to tell me how silly I look with green nails.

And GREEN they are! For well beyond St. Patty's Day. And here I thought Dave would be happy that I finally had them cut my nails shorter.

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