Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 70

Still perking at almost 94

My aunt is my mother's sister and despite her health problems, she's still hanging in there! She lives in an assisted living facility and since I am her only living relative (she and my uncle did not have children) I am the one who takes care of her needs. I go to the store for her from time to time, drive her to get her hair cut or for appointments at the doctor or to take her cat to the vet. 

Today I brought her some things that she requested and we sat and talked for awhile. She gave me a few items, like the programs from my parents' memorial services, but I already have all those. One thing that I hadn't seen before was my mom and dad's wedding invitation! That will be something I will tuck away with other mementos for future generations.

I'm amazed at what a good attitude Eileen has about aging. She is full of aches and pains and swollen feet, but she has been a fantastic example of someone who takes the bull by the horns and makes decisions regarding her living arrangements BEFORE she is in crisis. I hope I remember her example!! Should I live to 93! cough...cough....

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