Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 69

So many to choose from, but which one is best

When a person likes to utilize their sewing machine to its fullest capabilities, it is imperative to have the right equipment. Over the years I have accumulated many specialty sewing feet, measuring devices, marking tools, templates, books, quilting supplies, zippers, velcro, snaps, buttons, scissors, lace, tapes, elastic, pins, needles and THREAD! 

I may need a good 50 weight cotton thread for sewing potholders, quilts and such, but then I need 40 weight rayon threads if I want to machine embroider a design. Oh wait! If it is an embroidery on something for a baby or child and will be washed frequently, then I really can't use rayon thread, I need a polyester thread. And the polyester threads used for machine embroidery are not as strong as polyester threads for general sewing needs and they are shinier so I better have a good supply of everyday poly thread on hand. All that old Coats and Clark thread that I used 20 or 30 years ago doesn't work well in the newer computerized machines so I keep them in plastic containers so when I may just need a certain color and won't be using much of it, it is there waiting for me.

What if I want to use a multicolor thread, then I would buy a variegated thread. What if I want just a very thin amount of thread showing, then I might want a 100 weight silk thread. When embroidering I need a 60 weight thread in the bobbin. Hmm. White and black are normally used, but I may want to try to match the top thread to the bottom thread so I better have more than black and white bobbin thread! 

And this is why:

And that's not all of it. Remember those plastic boxes of old thread? And all that rayon embroidery thread is kept in a white 3 drawer thread chest. In my defense, most of that threat was purchased on Ebay and included a ton of colors at a super price and not a name brand that you might recognize. Oops, I forgot to mention all the serger threads I own, at least 4 of each color because, well, it IS a 4 spool serger! And Wooly Nylon thread for the serger and special jeans colored heavy weight threads in yellow, yellow-orange and orange-brown for hemming up Dave's jeans. Um, and ribbon thread for decorative free-motion work, and, and, and. If there is a contest for who dies with the most thread, I may just win.

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