Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 76

just hate trying to sew on black fabric

This afternoon one of my friends dropped off some new black slacks to have me hem them up. It is the curse of being short! It is an easy job, for sure, and I don't mind doing these sorts of things for people, but whenever I sew anything black I have fits. I just can't see as well as I used to!

I remember when my mom (who also did lots of sewing in her day) would complain about her difficulty in sewing using black fabric. Of course, I was young in those days and could see pretty well. I guess I have officially become my mom. I'm not really complaining, just facing the facts. There comes a time when things become more difficult than they used to be. We have to adjust. I used to be able to do thus-and-such. Well, time moves on and adjust I will. I refuse to set aside my sewing of dark colored items, so I will turn on more lights, wear magnifying glasses, squint and struggle on! At least hemming one pair of pants isn't as difficult as sewing a whole garment using black fabric!

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