Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 77

And very thankful for the people in my life.

I do favors for people without expecting anything in return. Today, when Bobby came to pick up her black slacks that I hemmed up for her, she brought me some lovely white tulips as a thank you. Awww. I like having little things to do for others. It give me purpose and makes me feel useful. And I LOVE flowers!!

My next door neighbor, Jenny, came over this afternoon and brought me some potatoes from a friend of hers which are ready to be cut apart and planted. Wasn't that nice? She and I are going to both plant gardens and share our crops. Cool! Jenny stayed for a cup of coffee and visit and we talked cats and dogs, among other things. She is the owner of the three cats I cared for while she was in Florida. Unfortunately she called me on Tuesday to say that she had to put Shadow down due to a urinary tract problem. It would have cost her $4,000 for surgery and no guarantee that he would make it. WHAT?? He was fine for the 2 weeks I cared for him!! I felt so bad, but she reassured me that he showed absolutely no signs of any problem until Tuesday (she got home on Saturday evening) when he became unable to walk. Some cat sitter I am!! I am thankful for a friendly neighbor who is glad I watched her cats and doesn't hold me responsible for this unfortunate turn of events! I still feel guilty. 

I decided I should drive down to Lowe's to get some soil and big plastic storage tubs in which to plant the potatoes. Dave drilled holes in the bottom of the bins and I got the potatoes cut apart and planted.

After that little project I came in to make dinner and when it was ready Dave was still not home from his walk. I happened to see him over on Ed's patio so told him dinner was ready and if Ed wanted to have some supper he was welcome, so they both came in and we had a lively conversation over dinner. I LOVE LIVING IN THIS COMMUNITY!! I even saw the neighbors from across the street at Lowe's as they were looking to buy a gazebo for their back yard. They have a yard! We don't, but that is OK by me. We have enough.

Oh, I also stopped at Goodwill on my way home from Lowe's to see what I might find and ran into Sandy P. who I got to know from the golf club I belong to. She quit the club several years ago so she could play golf with her hubby instead. We had a nice little visit and she told me she had purchased a sewing/embroidery machine but didn't know how to use it yet. You can guess what I said! I may be called on to show her a thing or two. I love it!!

So, there you have it. Just an average day in an average life. I am thankful for all that God has provided for me and especially for all the people that I have in my life. God is good. I am blessed.

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