Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 72


One of our residents passed away several months ago and when his wife decided to sell off his golf goodies I told her to let me have first dibs please. She finally had things organized so I paid her a visit and came away with several of his treasures. He had a whole room dedicated to golf stuff. I was particularly looking for a ball retriever for Dave which she had, but I couldn't pass up some of the other items as well including a large amount of used golf balls that are in wonderful shape. Sharon was glad to get rid of all this stuff since she doesn't golf and now she can convert that room into one she can better utilize. I could have bought lots more, but we don't have wall space for any more pictures and there is no extra bedroom to turn into a golf haven! I'm sure other golfers were thrilled with their purchases.

Since we do not plan on moving to Arizona or to any other golf community, this is the only golf cart I will ever own!

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