Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 211

that they made a 239 page book to cover them all!

Today was the day that I officially became an employee of Sewing Machine Service in Renton, who sell and service industrial machines and Bernina and Janome for home use. Just part time and no selling! I will be working from home creating their monthly newsletter and perhaps updating their website. I'm quite pleased with this arrangement! There are several things that I can do from home and that suits me. Since I already create our community newsletter what is another one on my plate?

Getting back to this book. There are loads of presser feet that are special to Bernina machines. Most machines have extra feet to do certain sewing tasks, but Bernina has really been ahead of the game in creating the best feet for a wider variety of tasks. Their machines are truly a work of art and give the seamstress the quality results we want. Of course, Janome makes a series of wonderful machines as well. If someone can't or doesn't choose to pay more for the Bernina name, they can be very well satisfied with the results from Janome. Most sewers have their preferences in machine brands and with the advancement of all the bells and whistles the decision for one purchasing a machine becomes quite difficult.I love my Babylock but one day I want to step up to a Bernina. Shhh. Don't tell Dave!

So, this part time job is just perfect for me. I'm not out to make a bundle of money but I can bring my sewing experience and computer knowledge to good use for them. The owners are wonderful and easy to deal with. The best part is that I don't need to clock in! So there you have it. Life is always interesting and I don't let the grass grow under my feet very often!

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