Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 187

I'm really getting tired of this

Today I went to visit my orthopedic doctor because my knee pain has become excruciating. Unfortunately, I found out that there needs to be three months between a cortisone injection and surgery. That means I will have two more months to try and deal with this knee pain. It is impacting my every day life and I'm not sure how I will manage to cope until September. He prescribed a pain medication but it did nothing so I'm back with the Ibuprofen regimen. I'm quite frustrated and of course my situation impacts Dave to a huge degree. I feel guilty for all the times he has had to step up and wait on me. And do extra chores that I can't do. 

Not to mention that I'm getting agitated at the thought of going through knee surgery again and the horrible pain that I endured with my left knee recovery. Sigh. 

So, this is how I spent tonight:

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