Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 206

it has been a little over 15 years since she passed away

I remember making the appointment for my mom, daughter and me to get our photo taken together. I'm so glad to have this picture! When I realize that she died when she was only about 8 years older than I am now, it rattles my brain! My mom always wanted to live until she was 100 and if not for her diabetes, I believe she would have! At the time, as I watched my mother's health deteriorate, I felt that despite the fact that she wanted many more years here on earth, she had lived a pretty darn good life. Over 40 years of type one diabetes had taken a horrible toll on her body and if she hadn't been such an optimistic and strong lady I'm sure she would have succumbed to the disease much earlier.

As I am approached that big milestone of 70...yeah, in a couple more years.....I definitely feel like I'm still an 18 year old. And yet, my body says otherwise. But I'm so young! It is funny or maybe just reality, that when we are in our 30's and 40's old age seems so far in the future and it is easy to see people as elderly. Now that some of our dear friends are in their late 70's and 80's it is difficult to see them as elderly. I remember when they were young and vital!

Today's lesson is to enjoy each stage of life and don't take for granted the future. Or your friends. Or your family. So, today I am missing my mom. We used to talk on the phone almost every day. I took her shopping at the mall. I took her to her doctor appointments. It seemed like she was always there. And then one day she wasn't. Now I talk to my daughter on the phone almost every day. Roles have reversed and I can't help but wonder if my daughter sees me as elderly. 

HEY, girl....the answer is NO! I'm still a kid!! A kid in an aging body for sure.

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