Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 209

and he is always by my side on on my lap

Kari encouraged me to begin doing some "clicker" training with Beemer. She has had good success with their dog, Maple. After she showed me what to do a couple of weeks ago, and gave me a clicker, I have been doing a little bit of training with our guy. He is smart! Since he has been ringing the bell when he needs to go potty, I figure that he should be able to learn some tricks! He has been sitting for many, many weeks now and he is getting "down" part of the time. His biggest problem is that he is so eager for the treat that he can't focus! He wants to jump at my hand for the treat. He knows how to roll over but once again he is not consistent. 

For the past week he has been jumping up onto my lap when I'm in my chair, so I don't always have to pick him up. Dave weighed him today and he is somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds. He is becoming a dog...only 4 to 6 more pounds until he is full grown. He is not chewing on our fingers like he used to so that is a good thing. His toys are strung all over the place and he continues to bring me much joy. So, happy 5th birthday, Beemer!!

His tail is a blur of waggleness.

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