Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 205

and other Saturday joys

I am the most blessed person. I have the BEST friends in the world. My next door neighbor, Jennie, has been coming over for the past few Saturdays and spending a couple hours visiting while we work on our projects. She is crocheting a bag and I am knitting a stole. Then while she was still here I had a call from my friend Bobbi saying she wanted to stop by with her friend Kay who is here visiting from Indiana. Jennie had barely left when Bobbi and Kay arrived. She brought 2 fun dog toys for Beemer. Awwww. She loves dogs. We had a nice visit and while they were still here  Merrely stopped by with 2 hamburger patties, buns and ears of corn for dinner. What??? How special. Merrely and I had a good visit after the other ladies left and before long Ann B. called to check in with me so I phoned her back after Merrely went home. 

I am pleased to report that my knee is feeling much better since I have been trying to avoid as much walking as possible. I was even able to get comfortable in bed and had a nice night's sleep for a change.

There has been no time for sewing today and I am kind of sad to see the sunshine and not be able to get to the pool. Hopefully next summer I will get back to my lazy summer days poolside.


Yippee, I checked and I'm finally over half done with this stole....maybe by fall.....

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