Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 210

and I'm pooped!

For some reason I was really tired by the time Pete came to pick up the girls. I guess babying my knee has taken a toll on my energy level. Plus I haven't been getting any exercise for the last month or more. I just needed a nap. And I didn't do much, except take them to the pool (I even drove the car so I didn't have to walk more than I should,) came home and made us lunch, then moved my portable sewing machine onto the kitchen table and I helped them each make a simply bag and a smaller bag to put their sunglasses in. That's it! They are such good girls and always bring their lunch plates back to the sink and put their napkins in the garbage. Grandkids are the best!! I can't wait until I'm done with my next surgery and able to do more things with all the grands.

I sat in the shade (would rather have been in the sun) and talked to another grandma while the girls played in the pool. Kids and grandparents were coming and going all morning.

Dave was trying to watch golf and the girls watched a little bit in between their sewing projects.

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