Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 194

not a proven device but it helps me cope

My neighbor, Peggy, sympathizes with me because of my knee pain. She has had one knee replaced and had surgery a couple of weeks ago on her other knee because of a tear of some sort. She is my age. Peggy has had good results from using her tens machine, so she loaned hers to me. It doesn't take away the pain, or cure it, but rather sends electrical impulses to the painful area and somehow tricks your brain into lessening the pain. It sure doesn't take away the pain, but I have found that when I am using the device I am able to walk mostly without limping. Of course, as soon as I turn it off, I'm right back where I started! 

This is an Arista 2000 model which sells for $49, but I found a less expensive unit on Amazon and it is only $30 with free shipping. Looks similar in many respects. Here is the link:  click here  I figure it will come in handy after my knee replacement as well.

The MSM is from my friend, Mary S. and I haven't found much help when using it. Also, the Tramadol pills that my doctor prescribed for pain don't help at all. I am trying to get off the Ibuprofen as my doctor does not want me taking it regularly and so far, it is the only thing that takes the edge off a bit. Other medications have some nasty side effects including to the heart so she prescribed a different cream that I have to go pick up from the pharmacy so will be anxious to see if it will work.

This, too, shall pass.

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