Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 186

and the bombs are exploding in mid air

Dave and I are at home this 4th of July evening, listening to all the commotion here in Renton, despite the no-fireworks ban. We did spend a few hours with Ed at Marv and Merrely's home this afternoon for some good fellowship time.

Today has had some rather distressing news come our way. One of our long-time church friends has been struggling with health issues and we just got the news today that he has passed on to be with the Lord. Only about 69 or 70 years old. Colon cancer. This was a shock but not a surprise, if that makes sense. He had been involved with our Bible Study group over the past several months and we could see his health deteriorate but he was "afraid" to have a biopsy done because of what it might be. Once again, some very sad news. Then we received another email that another lady who was in our Bible Study group before we joined had suddenly passed away as a result of complications from a tooth extraction. Oh MY! We need to always be mindful to live for the Lord each and every day as we don't know when we will be called home. It is a good event for those called home, but sad for those of us left behind as we will miss them here on earth.

Anyway, I did manage to dress in 4th of July colors today. I took a photo and you can see that I'm correctly colored but you can't see that I have on red slacks and blue shoes. 

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