Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 191

it works great in my newly configured sewing room!

A few days ago, Jennie  (lives next to us) told me I could have the big oak desk that was in her shed. It was hers, previously her dads and she really wanted it out of her shed so she had more room to organize her stuff.  After looking at it I determined that it would make a very solid place to do my sewing. My current sewing table had a broken leg and was a bit jiggly, so this one will definitely be an improvement. Since it is a heavy desk, and Dave has a bad back and I can barely walk with my bum knee, I called on two of the strongest guys I know....Jason and Pete. They had it moved over here lickety-split!

With a little bit of shuffling things around and filling drawers, I am back in business and have already sewn up a few seams in a blouse. I LOVE IT!!

Jennie and Jason
The master of everything
Pete and Shauna and the girls

Much improved sewing room

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