Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 99

from our patio

I just love this time of year. All the trees are looking so beautiful, the azaleas and rhododendrons are in bloom, Magnolia trees are in full bloom, tulips are up. Ahhh. Especially on a lovely day like today. We are planning on hiring a yard maintenance company to plant a few hydrangeas and other things in the front, remove the rhody stumps (Dave cut them all down last fall) add some topsoil and beauty bark. This place is easy maintenance, but our backs are just not in shape to shovel beauty bark. And the ground is difficult to work with because of the tangle of cedar tree, maple tree and rhody roots. I would love to add more color here and there but I am definitely limited with what we can do because of all these roots.

I love that everyone is required to take care of their landscaping in here and there is no grass allowed, although a few homes have a grass patch in the back of their home probably for their dog's use. Yesterday I planted some bulbs on the side where I can actually dig in the dirt a little bit. I am also planning to plant some more hosta since it is so shady in the front.

I suppose the past few days are giving us all a false sense of reality. I know the rain will be back. Sigh.

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