Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 119

Dave and I were finalists in the Renton Recorder's Best of Renton??

We didn't even know we were nominated! This isn't my photo, because I've been slammed for time today trying to care for the new puppy's needs and getting our neighborhood newsletter out. One of my friends took the photo of the news article and sent it to me. So now you know as much as we do! HA! I guess we have a few friends in Renton!!

And here is the list of all the volunteers that were nominated for this recognition:


  • ·        Ann Grinolds
    ·        Bonnie Fitzgerald
    ·        Carole E. Baker
    ·        Carrie Bergquist
    ·        Charles Seil
    ·        Charlie B Schmidt
    ·        Chris Spahn Birthday Dreams
    ·        David and Sandy Young (Valley Medical Center volunteers)
    ·        David Fleetwood
    ·        Don Jacobson
    ·        Elva Shultz - Valley General
    ·        Kevin McQuillar
    ·        Marcie Palmer
    ·        Mary Market
    ·        Norma Cugini
    ·        Norma McQuillar
    ·        Officer Reynolds
    ·        Pam Teal
    ·        Sally Cummings

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