Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 107

belongs to my neighbor's friend

Isn't it lovely?? Victoria came by this morning to take her vintage car out for a spin. She keeps it in my neighbor's carport. Victoria takes her car to a variety of classic car shows and does need to drive it now and again to keep things in shape. 

Sometimes I think we should get a classic car. But NO, not really. That is just not how I want to spent my time and money, We do very much appreciate classic cars however and are happy when we happen to go to a classic car show. We missed the one in Renton last summer because they had a big Ferrari show only about 5 miles from us ON THE SAME DAY. THAT was something to behold! Dave had a blast and I had never seen so many Ferrari's in one place.

I hope this summer we will make it the 4 miles down to the Renton classic car show! Maybe I better put it on my calendar!

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