Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 106

I love him most, so I should sew for him, right?

With all the sewing and crafting that I do, it only seems fitting to make something for my hubby. It is way more fun to make a costume for my grandson or dresses for my granddaughters. 

Don't get me wrong; I have made things for him in the past. I hand embroidered the yoke on a chambray shirt many years ago. He wore it often. I even made him a brown sport jacket. But there has been about a 35 year gap in my efforts to create something for him. Then a few years back I ran into a fellow sewing enthusiast who sews (mostly with a serger) her husbands T-Shirts. Viola! I could do that. I promptly ordered the special fabric and ribbing and it has been patiently waiting for me to actually sit down and do it. Today was the day.

First I had to trace the pattern pieces since I am using a Kwik Sew (#3299) pattern. I cut out 6 t-shirts, with short sleeves, of course. I like to do things assembly style when possible, but first I needed to actually finish one to make sure it fit correctly. Dave was golfing so after he arrived home I had him try on my almost finished prototype. Lo and behold it fit great! Except the sleeve length needed to be shortened about an inch. No problem. 

One down and five to go!

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