Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 115

Sometimes it is a pain to go away overnight when dieting

This is day 7 of my Ultimate Reset, aka cleansing diet. Everything is going great but I can't eat normal food. Let me clarify. I can't a a normal American diet for 3 weeks. Instead I am eating tons of healthful vegetables and fruits. It is really going well and I'm very lucky in that I enjoy most vegetables. So in the morning we will be driving down to Oregon for a little get away overnight and Tuesday morning we will get our new little pup and return home. Easy Peasy. Except that I needed to prepare some food to take with me so I can remain on my regimen. Mostly cleaning and chopping. Anyway, it is all in the refrigerator, ready to go.

Can't wait to see our new little boy! I feel like we are going to adopt a child! :)

Ha! Look at the piece of Romaine that fell onto the dishwasher handle! I removed it but forgot that I had already taken a photo with it there. Ah well.

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