Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 100

So why are we inside??

This afternoon our next door neighbor Jenny came over for a visit, coffee mug in hand, just as Jason was leaving. Jason and Dave went to visit Bob and take him out to lunch. Bye Jason, hello Jenny. I made a fresh pot of coffee and she and I talked about our collaborative garden adventure and who was planting which vegetables. Jenny also crochets and wants to come over and do some handiwork together and talk. Maybe next week. I have a few knitting projects that are half done. Of course.

Dave was trying to watch the Masters Golf  Tournament on TV so he resorted to this:

I guess we were talking a bit too loudly for him! This is one of Dave's favorite times of the year. The Masters Championship is amazing. The weather is typically lovely, the flowers and trees are amazingly beautiful and then there is that green jacket.

Jenny and I had a fine visit and after she left I had to go over to Shauna's house and check in on their cat since they are out of town for a few days. The weather is perfect, but by Tuesday it will begin to turn to drizzle again.

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