Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 104

such as it is!

This may not be the prettiest garden spot you have ever seen, but it is something I could do without bugging Dave about building garden boxes for me. I have grown potatoes for several years in Rubbermaid tubs (after drilling holes in the bottom) and since that works, I decided I should just purchase some more tubs and see what I can grow. I don't have much sunlight in this home, but I'm making do with what I have. 

I have herbs and mint growing at the far end which are perennials and I've planted a variety of things from asparagus to zucchini (actually, I need another tub or two to be able to accommodate the zucchini!) I have rhubarb, basil, snap peas, 2 whole tubs of potatoes as well as lettuce, spinach and leeks. Oh and last fall I planted all the garlic (lots of garlic) that you see in the foreground (beyond my one potted Neil Diamond rose.) My neighbor Jennie will be planting the tomatoes and beans and I forget what else!  Maybe I can talk her into planting pumpkin. They make a pretty sweet ground cover.

We are still waiting for our landscaper to show up and fix up the yard in the front of the house and I'm still thinking as to whether we should just put crushed rock or something in this garden area. Or maybe just leave the dirt alone. Dave thinks it is rather silly to grow vegetables when it takes so much work and watering and you can buy the same things in the store for pennies on the dollar! I like to see things grow. And use my own garden harvest. Next week I will get another 2 tubs and finish planting. At least I can rearrange these tubs and pots to make more space between them and according to how much sunlight things are getting. 

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