Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 97

I have 3 quilt tops ready to be machine quilted and I don't know what to do!!

Actually I do know what to do. I need to BEGIN! I've done lots of stippling and stitching in the ditch on quilt tops so that is easy, but I haven't done any more advanced techniques, so I'm feeling a bit frazzled. After spending a good deal of money for the fabric and time in piecing them, I have been just setting these quilts aside and waiting. Well. last week I finished piecing this white/grey/black/turquoise quilt top and my goal is to get it done. I've been thinking and thinking and looking through my machine quilting books and watching YouTube videos trying to muster up the courage to actually try something new.

WHAT IF I RUIN IT!! WHAT IF IT TURNS OUT SO UGLY THAT I NEED TO TOSS IT! So, that is my fear, and since fear is not of God, I have decided to just go for it. Right or wrong. I'm not ready to use a paper pantograph to create an even-steven quilt top. I don't want to purchase a stencil and mark the quilt top in preparation. I don't own a designated quilting machine. These are not the type of quilts to do different designs in different spaces. They all pretty much need a random design. This shouldn't be so difficult for me since I am a random person.

I think I'm ready. So here I go on this quilt. Wish me luck!!

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