Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 118

This boy likes to chew and sometimes he goes for my finger instead of his toy

It has now been about 30 hours since Beemer has been in our home. So far so good. No potty accidents. Yet. He has lots of toys, some of which were Frodo's. Both Dave and I have called Beemer "Frodo" just like we used to call our kids each others names or the dog's name. 

When Beemer is awake he likes to play hard. I'm worried that he will do something that will injure himself because he will jump off anything, bangs his head into the metal coffee table legs and loves to run, run, run. But when he is done, he is done. Just like that he will crawl on my lap and go to sleep. That is the best thing about this breed. They truly are lap dogs.

It is almost 9:30 pm and in another hour it will be time for Beemer to be tucked into his kennel for the night. Sure hope we have as quiet a night tonight as last night! Wimpering now and again but not a bark out of him. Yet.

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