Friday, February 26, 2016

DAY 57

Lenten Rose

It is that time of year, friends, when the trees and bushes are budding, spring flowers are popping up and the Lenten Rose is in full bloom. I really do like this time of year. New life, sunny days and a promise of summer ahead. Ahhhh, life is good!

Hellebores are one of my favorite plants. You can count on them. Like clockwork. They always seem to survive the most wretched winter. It is a reminder that it is almost Easter Sunday. Christ died for us and yet He lives. Many flowers remind me of the greatness of God, but it is this particular flower that I am most assuredly reminded of God's faithfulness and his undying love for His children.

There are many varieties of Hellebores and they come in several different colors. I wish I had a whole garden bed full of these lovelies. Check out Plant Delights and see if they will thrive in your area:

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