Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 51

Republican Precinct Caucus

My question is why in the world do we need to attend a caucus in Washington State since we hold a primary vote for president. I got my answer but I'm still a bit befuddled. So I will have to do more research to better understand the entire process.

One thing I did find out is that since my precinct committee chairman didn't show up, and since I was the only person to be there from my precinct, I am now the NEW committee chairman. If I continue on with the County and State caucuses, I could possibly go the the national republican convention in Cleveland. Well, that is certainly not my first venue choice. Cleveland?? Anyway, that is another story.

We finished our meeting in an amazingly short amount of time.....under an hour. I did see 4 others from church who showed up to represent their precincts so it was fun catching up a bit.

I guess I am officially a political activist. Hmmm, now if I could just become a community organizer. Like you know who!

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