Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 34

Senior Day!! 20% discount if you are over 62

What a fun time I had at the Goodwill today. I will show just one of my treasures. Sometimes I go and find nothing at all to bring home. This afternoon was different. Oh My Goodness! They had lots of Chico brand clothing (my favorite.) Some time later I may actually show you what wonderful clothing I manage to find but not now. Besides my special finds are now in the dryer. I even found some great shirts for Dave. I always look at the label and examine every inch of an item of clothing. I have learned from experience that the eye can miss seeing boo boos. I had to remove some articles of clothing from my closet to make room for the newish items and BOY is that tough!! But, but, but...I may wear this again although it really isn't my style, doesn't fit properly or is a bad color. But purge I must to make my closet workable. Dave keeps telling me "Don't buy me more shirts!!" Not that he doesn't appreciate it but he has lots of shirts and our closet is only so big. Me bad. I hate to pass up a good buy. 

On Mondays at the Goodwill everything marked with a certain color tag will be $1.79. I WISH I could find things I like on Mondays with that certain color tag but I almost never come home with anything. I guess I've got more expensive taste, like in the $3.99 to $7.99 range!

Here is one of my finds today. This cute tiny teapot is perfect for my sewing room. Of course, I don't plan on using it for tea or anything else for that matter, but I so like crazy teapots and this one made me giggle and it was only $1.99 and 20% off of that. Paint was chipped just a bit on the spout so I used my black Sharpie and colored it in. You can't even tell there was ever a problem.

Pretty tiny isn't it?? Maybe 3/4 cup of tea!

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