Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 41

What a workout for Hailey!

Dave and I drove to Issaquah's Gymnastics East this evening to watch Hailey's pre-team class. What an amazing facility they have for kids who are serious about progressing and competing in gymnastics. Hailey is now in the team facility, across the street from her regular class. Her class was from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and was filled with all sorts of strength exercises including L sits, doing a chin-up and pulling her legs over the bar FIVE TIMES (!) pushups, splits, etc, etc, etc. Dave was feeling sorry for her because as much fun as gymnastics class has been for her, she now needs to actually WORK And FOCUS.

Each of the 7 girls in her class needs to prove that they can perform certain moves in order to be selected to continue on as part of a team. If they can't, then they revert back to regular gymnastics. It remains to be seen whether Hailey has the maturity (at almost 7) and drive to continue. She does love gymnastics but she may need to wait a bit and try again. We'll see!

It was amazing to see all the difficult moves that the older team members are working on and the strength that they have developed is just mind boggling! Dave wishes he had had some of this equipment back in the day when he competed in gymnastics in high school.

Yesterday Hailey wasn't enthused about having to go to her class today, but she wanted Grandma and Grandpa to go watch her today AND she wondered where her blue leotard was that I told her I would make for her. I had stopped working on it because she didn't seem all that eager to continue and I thought, "Why bother." But perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend I will get it finished for her. Kids! You never really know what goes on in their head!

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